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  • Company:  Shenzhen Monpos  Audio Co.,Ltd
  • Address:  6th floor,Building 6,Kaijieda Industrial Park,No.97 Huaxing Road,Dalang Street,Longhua District,Shenzhen City,China.
  • Contact  Person: Melody
  • Tel:   +86-755-29004326
  • Mobile:   +86-13602581392
  • Skype: chenfangmeimei
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01.Why choose MONPOS

· Focus on the full range of audio products innovation and research and development for more than 20 years , adhere to people-oriented, quality-oriented philosophy, to build a world renowned audio brand …

· Perfect team, development independently.

· 12,000 m2 for producing, quality assurance.

· 20 years of industry experience to provide you the optimal solution.

· Quality system integrity, more secure after-sales.

02. Why there's no sound coming from my speakers?

· Please check whether the volume set is too low. Please check whether the product connect with the adapter correctly. Please check the battery.

03.Why is there a loud noise coming from my speaker?

· Please check whether the cable connect with the adapter correctly. Please change another cable. Please check whether the external device make the noise.

04.Why the speaker can not charging?

· Please check whether the USB power adaptor connect with the product correctly. Please check the whether the power suit for the charging power.

05.Why the speaker can not pairing?

· Please check whether the device pairing with the Bluetooth(Once a Bluetooth connection is made the Bluetooth button will stay Blue ) if not please click the button to pair with the device. Please restart the product.

06.Why the Bluetooth mode sound intermittent?

· Please make sure the product connecting with the device in 10m and without obstacle, or you can change to another device to connect.

07.Why the AUX-IN mode doesn’t work?

· Please check the AUX cable whether connecting correctly or not. 

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