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We are MONPOS, We are Coming!

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Shenzhen Monpos Audio Co.,Ltd is the professional audio equipment designer and manufacturer. In the 20 years of working in the audio industry, we are stick to the conception of people-oriented and quality first, and we dedicate to create the world-class well known brand.  
Monpos believes speaker is the magician. It is able to interpret every listener's feeling, with passionate, or Gentle, or Calm, or Wide, it always gives the perfect interpretation. The perfection of Monpos speaker is from both fashionable industry design and continuous upgrade of smart system. The integration of western elements makes Monpos speaker very popular overseas.
Currently, Monpos has more excellent design and engineering team. Appealing to the high technology, under the people-oriented conception, Monpos is creating more fabulous series for the customers' wider choice. The combination of high-quality material and smart system ensures the very best quality. Moreover, very shine, very cool, very elegant spirits deriving from the perfect speaker brings the listener a perfect audio experience. 
We have over 500 employees, factory facilities covering 12,000 square meters and are currently exporting 90% of our production. At our well-equipped facilities, we output an impressive range of WIFI speakers, Bluetooth speakers, Portable PA System as well as USB MIDI Controller. Our experienced R&D team actively expands our product range to meet changing market trends and we welcome OEM and ODM orders. 

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