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Finding Audio Test Music? Try these!

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Hans Zimmer-Hummell Gets The Rockets
Selected from classic movie "The Rock", The film soundtrack are created by Hans Zimmer. Electronic synthesizer made the orchestral sound, which create a broad tragic sound field. The opening song is a small rolling bass, 3:30 seconds when entering an important part, stunning dynamic, surging bass, all the time you want to break the limit of speakers, be sure to pay attention to the song volume when you are trying to test it.
Bjork-All is Full of Love
Selected from Bjork "Greatest Hits", this album contains the essence of 10 years by Bjork. Bjork is a singer whose singing style really special, unique. In this song you can hear painful, beautiful, calm, elegant, well-being and even the death of the perfect fusion. This is the first "All is full of love" for this album's opening song, rolling bass without much prelude can make crazy for it.
Hotel California - Eagles - From Hell Freezes Over
You have to make sure you're listening to the live version from the Hell Freezes Over album at first. The intro guitar solo features crisp high tones, and then here come the bassy bongos!

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